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Benefits of Integrating Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) and Therapists in Lymphatic Evaluation and Treatment

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An American Vein and Lypmhatic's Society event.


Jeffery Schoonover, MD, FAVLS, FAAFP, RVT, RPVI, DABVLM, Indiana Vein Specialists and AVLS Board of Directors.

What will you learn?

  • Review a practice pathway from initial evaluation to diagnosis/treatment, along with progression to a home management plan, incorporating Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) and Certified Lymphatic Therapists (CLTs) in a community based office setting.
  • Discuss how this multidisciplinary clinical team uses a standardized diagnostic algorithm to address/rule out other diagnostic considerations in the setting of peripheral edema and venolymphatic presentations.
  • Provide lessons learned during implementation of the on-site lymphatic physical therapist team, which optimized efficiencies, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Discuss cost modeling for this patient centered model that accounts for additional staff/overhead.
  • Provide overview of clinical responsibilities using this long-term care follow-up model for phlebolymphedema patients.

Venue: Online

Date: 25 January 2023

Time: 8pm - 9pm EST

Register: Register directly on the American Vein and Lymphatic Society's website.